ModiaSim consists of a set of Julia packages for modeling and simulation of multidomain engineering systems described by differential equations, algebraic equations, and (space-discretized) partial differential equations. It shares many powerful features of the Modelica language, together with features not available in Modelica.

The ModiaSim packages are usually used via Modia. See, especially the Modia Tutorial.

The following packages are currently available:

Modia.jlIncludes all relevant packages and model libraries.
ModiaBase.jlCore algorithms for equation-based modeling.
ModiaLang.jlEquation-based modeling and thin interface to DifferentialEquations.
Modia3D.jl3D mechanics and 3D shapes for visualization and collision handling.
ModiaResult.jlAbstract interface and base functions for simulation results.
ModiaPlot_PyPlot.jlConvenient line plots of ModiaResult with PyPlot.
ModiaPlot_GLMakie.jlConvenient line plots of ModiaResult with GLMakie.
ModiaPlot_WGLMakie.jlConvenient line plots of ModiaResult with WGLMakie.
ModiaPlot_CairoMakie.jlConvenient line plots of ModiaResult with CairoMakie.

The following packages should not be used (they are currently redesigned):

The following packages are deprecated and should no longer be used: